Texas Air Conditioning Contractors Association
South Plains Chapter


What is South Plains ACCA all about?

TACCA South Plains is dedicated to helping our members run their businesses more profitably and to be recognized for their superior professionalism and excellence in customer service.  We work together to achieve our mutual goals by attending meetings, seminars, classes and conventions where you gain ideas and tips for increased profitability by networking with the industry's most successful contractors.

We want our members to be aware of everything that is affecting our industry, not just on a local level but on a State and National level as well.  Too many times laws are passed before you know what hit you.  We want you to be informed of possible changes coming from the Texas Legislature and from Capital Hill.  Be sure to check our State News page for information coming out of Austin and our National News to keep up with what is happening in Washington.

Here are a few additional benefits of joining SPACCA:

  • Workers Compensation Insurance    30% discount on workers compensation insurance provided by First Cardinal of Texas.  It is a member only insurance built by the State chapters to provide low cost insurance to our members. The average member has seen as much as a 30% reduction in cost with annual dividends averaging 35% over the years. Does your insurance company give you money back?   
  • Continuing Education   Free of charge to members - Eight hours of continuing education is required each year for license renewal. All license holders in member companies get this each year free. Classes cost non-members $139 and up.
  • Specialized Training    Reduced rate to members - Specialized training is provided by our SPACCA Instructors at a reduced rate for member companies. Training will enhance the skills of technicians on the job, train those who are new to the industry, and NATE certifications is provided for technicians who wish to display their skills on their sleeve. A NATE certified technician is worth $10,400 per year more than one that is not NATE certified. Surveys show 90% of consumers prefer certified technicians.  NATE certified technicians have 12.9% fewer callbacks, 28.4% fewer product returns, and higher customer satisfaction because the job is done right the first time.